This website connects DTF beginners with DTF SPECIALISTS for coaching and 1 on 1 training courses. Whether you're needing an onboarding or training for your new printer or DTF equipment, looking to get a general overview of DTF, specific training on a particular RIP software, or any type of coaching, advice or guidance as pertains to DTF printing, this is the place to pair up with a knowledgeable DTF SPECIALIST and achieve the knowledge that you need to be successful at your custom print business!

"Theo was an amazing instructor. He was very patient with me and helped me get going with my new DTF printer and ACRORIP."

- Jennifer McDermot

Support with basic DTF Printers (L1800, P400, P600 etc)

DTF SPECIALISTS are here to support you with most of the popular printers used in Desktop DTF Printing such as modified Epson L1800, P400, P600, XP15000, P700 and more.

Support with advanced DTF Printers (w/ WIMS, Rollers etc)

DTF SPECIALISTS are here to support you with popular printers used in Desktop DTF Printing that may include more advanced functionality such as WIMS, heating, and more.

Support with Industrial DTF Printers (dual head, etc)

DTF SPECIALISTS are here to support you with wider format and long run industrial DTF printers, such as dual head machines that utilize Epson 4720, l3200 and other popular engines.


All our DTF SPECIALISTS have substantial experience and are here to help you make your custom printing business successful!

Which printer brands are supported?

As most DTF printers are built utilizing the same underlying printer engine, a DTF Specialist can likely assist you with most aftermarket brands. For example, the Epson 1390, L1800, P400, P600, P700, P800 models are all popular Epson printer engines (to name a few). Those same models are modified for DTF use by many aftermarket companies (such as DTFPRO, Erasmart, ProColor, etc). A DTF Specialist that is knowledgeable in 1 aftermarket brand can likely lend their services to you on another - at least to some degree. The print functionality is the same, but perhaps some additional functionality (WIMS, heating, rollers, etc.) may differ between the aftermarket brands. If you're not sure whether your particular brand of printer can be supported by a DTF Specialist offering a particular course or training, just ask them first before selecting their course.